August 6, 2011

Come and "Go Baby" Home with me....

WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO.  I must say, I let out a squeal of delight, when the numbers 175137 were called out for the very last door prize/raffle give away at the Modern Stories: Documenting the Modern Quilt Movement event last night.  (Quilter's did indeed TAKE Manhattan)  The event was fantastic.  Queen Bumble Beans was absolutely wonderful...Hearing her story, her sharing, her vision, her energy...Everyone was (from my vantage point) absolutely riveted to their seats.  No chatting and sounds from a room of what looked like 100 or so folks.

The Panelists were so unique, distinct, and incredible.  Nancy Soriano (co-founder of The Creative Connection Event), Melanie Testa (textile designer and fiber artist), Kim Hryniewicz ("sewist", quilter and Adjunct FIT Instructor), Jennifer Paganelli (Si Boom, owner, textile designer), and John Adams (quiltmaker and writer of Quilt Dad blog) each had a wonderful perspective as to what modern meant to them.  Also how the fiber world and todays world influences each of them and their respective creative talents.

I will be writing about the events of this weekend and more about the American Alliance of Quilters in the September Empire Quilters Guild Newsletter....Yes, I am now the editor of the newsletter.  New look, new energy...Yippee...

Now back to the reason for my squeal. So okay, as you see in the previous post, i started with the Hexy Stash quilt...thanks again to the That Red Headed Gal...smiles. and I thought, ugh it would be nice to have a way to cut cool shapes and just keep it moving.  I then remembered the accuquilt thing, also saw it in a quilters magazine that I often read.  So this week I started my research and realized they were costly I pumped the brakes on the impulse and decided to take a wait and see attitude.

So the drawings began, and i did not pay much attention to what was being offered, because typically, I VERY RARELY win raffles, lotteries, I was thinking, oh those books are, didn't win.  Well atleast I have my goodie bag...(and yes there were some goodies in the bag...smiles...go AAQ and all your sponsors.)  So as we were rounding off to the last item, I looked over...and what did I see...a Go Baby Fabric Cutter.  I thought to myself, "Self, I want that....its coming home with me."  then Amy, AAQ's Executive Director, number drawer extraordinare...said 175...137...and I let out my woooo hooooo....and thats how it became a Let's Go Baby...home with me....lovely....i must say...absolutely lovely.... Needless to say I was beaming...

Now, it was a wonderful event with the who's who's who of fiber, art, quilting etc.  Marianne and Mary Fons  (hope they don't mind..i snapped this cool pic of them...just wish I had a better camera.)  Paula Nadelstern, which I am happy to say, I met last week while at my favorite City Quilt shop, Mark Lapinski, Jay McCarroll and oh so many was an amazing Friday night in Midtown...when the Quilters took Manhattan...


  1. Woooooo Hooooooo indeed! Couldn't have found a better home. get cutting girl! I know you have more fabric you are hoarding in a closet. hehe.

  2. It was so good to hear you squeal too!! It couldn't have gone to anyone better!! Great to see you and chat again this weekend. Congrats! Now go get cutting.

  3. Yeah soon...after i finish my show piece this week. ran home yesterday after beers post sewing to do some work on it...smiles...great to see you too jackie as always....and yes lisa...i have gotten pretty far with the hexy's this weekend during my doctor who session....smiles.