February 9, 2011

Process or Finished Product?

Last Friday the Queen B herself, BumbleBeans, asked the question "Is it the process of making or the final object that makes quilting your joy.....Process or Finished Product?  This got me thinking.  I am indeed a Process person.  I actually went through my unfinished tops and thought about why they were not finished..  Here are a few..

Go forth and quilt you say.  Yes, I know, very simple.  Yet, I realized its a process mentality.  I enjoy the process of selecting the fabric and the colors.  Challenging my color schemes, making fabrics blend, where they were not intended... I feel a song coming on.. 
Color... the Final Frontier. These are the continuing voyages of the starship Quilterprise. Her ongoing mission: to explore strange new fabrics, to seek out new fabric and color forms and new combinations, to boldly go where no person has gone before.
And sooooo I enjoy the process.  I have these tops, I enjoy the process... Now, I am working on a love for the quilting process.  For now, I get anxious when i sit to quilt a top.  Unsure, when I envision what I want the finished quilt top to look like.  My mission is to remove all anxiety and feelings of unsurety, and just start finishing a bunch of stuff.

In the spirit of the process pledge.  See my next mental process.  This was a selection that I made with a special person in mind that is not doing so great....so send forth the GGI's to ensure that I design and quilt in an expeditious manner.
The wavy yellow is the backing....I am looking at a weekend completion.  Wish me luck.


  1. Your quilt tops are lovely! I think I enjoy the process too and then loose steam in the finishing part. I have about 7 tops that need to be done.

    Can't wait to see what you do with that fabric this weekend. I know your GGI will be in full force!

  2. Yeah, I generally enjoy piecing more than quilting, too... the color selection is really fun, and the process of putting it together is rewarding. Quilting makes me anxious too. Yet and still, I made a great effort to finish some projects, and I have only one quilt right now that needs more quilting! And one top in progress. Not counting the one I just started... ;-)

    Good luck finishing your good will project, I like envisioning happy snuggling for the intended recipient while I am making one... I hope your quilt brings warm joy to your friend.