February 10, 2011

The Process in Pink

Well it was a late night...and yes I have substantially completed the quilt.  I must say it turned out a bit different than I had originally envisioned.  Yeah to the GGI.  This is the first created for a someone in need of cheer.  It was a different mental process.  I only pray that I am able to deliver it...I am sure that I will...smiles.

Anyway, as to why it was different.  I guess I was thinking about the person more, and wanting to make sure that it would provide joy, hope, comfort, etc.  Actually, it turned out that i jumped into the Free Motion on the newbie...and did pretty okay for the first ever feather set....So that made me smile...I drew a chalk spine and then realized I went off of the path...smiles...I guess I shall never learn...

Anyway...I began with strips in varied widths.  I then sliced and diced and restitched again.  I then said okay, lets focus on completion and quilting...so i did the inside out stitch (is that what its called) instead of binding.  By the way, binding is not my favorite past time.  So I did that...and then stitched in the ditch...and then just went to town...so view the process below...smiles...Still have some quilting to go...but hey here is the Process in Pink.

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  1. Ooooh, I want to learn how to do feathers......! Draw a spine, eh? Nice!