December 30, 2010

Welcome in the New...

Its the beginning, again.  Where does the time go?  Above is an unfinished piece that I am working on entitled has been photoshoped and enhanced to provide a New Years wish to all..  What promises will you make in the year to come?  What have you left unfinished? 

In this New Year, I vow not to promise to do anything more, better, different, etc.  Instead, I intend to continue on this journey.  Implementing things that I have learned, while seeking new skills and talents to further develop.  This stage of the journey, I am choosing to Exhale....I am releasing all that is bottled up, all that has been unseen, all that desires expression, I am exhaling to breathe in again.

This year, 2011, marks some pretty cool milestones...and I have been preparing for them.  I have had the Freedom to Reveal all that needed to be released.  I have learned to Embrace Love...and I charge forward into this new season with Joy and Strength. 

I wonder what this year will bring.  Stay tuned...Lets discover what my GGI  (Goddess of Good Ideas) has in store.

Have a Blessed New Year.

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