December 13, 2010

I Do is almost I Done..

I took this great class, at my favorite shop...City Quilter with a great teacher Emily was waaaayyy more difficult than I anticipated.  Difficult by way of planning and color selection and positioning...It is called the "I Do" quilt.  60 x 66 inches...unfinished... So this is my second class ever.  (I began my Quilting life with a Dummies book "Quilting for Dummies" and a group of folks.)

So now that the Christmas season is in full swing...My guests have arrived (yippee) and suddenly all of the angst in preparing for their arrival (having to make MY SEWING ROOM livable with all of Santa's workshop items in full flow..) has dissipated.  I placed a machine in the living room, my projects in a few plastic bins in the living room, covering my other machine (so the little 3 year old hands wont be tempted) and Voila...Guest room ready with the cushy Full size Futon, chairs..and lovely lighting..

Jayden is one of the most brilliant three year olds that I know...He I am sewing in the living..."Auntie rom...I will help you.  Cooperation makes the project go faster.  Team work, thats it." as he holds the ends of the blanket that I am stitching until it feeds through the machine.  I was tickled pink.  So a week of bliss, and not so much stitching and thread...but lots of Cocktails will be sipped...smiles..


  1. Nothing like a three year old to put everything into prespective right? Love the quilt. Great colors

  2. What a precious boy. I know he melts your heart.
    And you "I Do" quilt is wonderful. Keep on stitchin'

  3. Hey E!
    City Quilter posted pictures of your class on Facebook. I can see just a glimpse of your back and quilt in them! Too funny.