May 22, 2014

Ode 2 Foot

Okay... Moving swiftly to week number five... On the mend.

So, I broke my ankle and am finally getting back into my stitching groove. So I wanted to make something that would commemorate this time in my life.  So after hanging with my quilty gals a couple of weeks ago... I was inspired to make something that was a "color study" lol. 

See the previous post.

The top is completed.  See the pics below for the finished top and the various stages that it took over the past couple of weeks.  I am considering stitching my X-ray images in their somewhere...

Stay tuned for it's completion.

And my catch line is .. A broken ankle is only temporary, but diamonds are forever... Ode2Foot

Finished top

Making it bigger

Funny how things shrink once you start stitching them together.. Gotta go larger 

Cutting templates..

And no I was not climbing step stools with one leg... This is the new quilt tool... The plywood to help reach those places that are difficult with a broken ankle lol.

Of course had to bling the boot...

In the beginning, I didn't cover the entire wall.. But during this process I had to have someone come and cover the entire wall.

Yes now I have a full fledge design wall... Smiles

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