April 23, 2014

Everything happens for a reason...

Okay.. So I have been away from social media during the Lenten season... And so much has happened... 

First, I realized what a pleasure it was not to be attached to the various social tools.  I decided at the last minute to give it up for 40 days.  I usually don't participate in lent, but it was interesting to read how difficult it was for so many... So I deleted everything off my phone.  However, I still looked at Pinterst occasionally... Lol because I use it for quotes and such.

Many of my friends had to call or text me to know how I was.. What a concept lol.

I was also training for the More fitness women's half marathon in Central Park... I realized that it was a time consuming task.  I was pulled away from my quilting during these past months because as you progress in mileage, it takes more time.  More importantly, you have to take more time in overall fitness and ensure you are stretching and working all the appropriate muscles to avoid injury..

Anyway.. Sunday April 14, 2014 I completed my first half marathon, hills and all. I finished in 2hrs 47 min and felt wonderful..

And yes I am buying this photo... Lol

So I was elated, moved, thrilled that I was able to do all the things I said i couldn't do... I can't run more than 15 min straight, I can't run the loop in Central Park, there is no way I can run 2 or 3 hours... And now the loop is my mid week run, and I have run over 10'miles , 5 times so far including the 13.1, and a 12.5 and 10.5's.

So... Next up is the Brooklyn half marathon in May... 

However, everything happens for a reason... After my run this past Saturday I stopped in a restaurant to grab a bite to eat since I had a golf tee time that afternoon. As I walked in, it was darker than outside and colder, and after a few minutes I got dizzy. (It was around the time of month that my blood sugar and hormones go out of wack). So I placed my order and noticed that I was even more dizzy.  So, my last recollection was thinking I should sit on the stool at the counter, and the next thing i knew I was being helped upright and asked if I was okay.

I also had a sharp pain in the area of my ankle and looked down and saw that it had begun to swell up...  After about 20
Minutes I got up to leave and was in a lot of pain... So I went outside and boy was it bright and I felt weird and was able to get a cab. 

Long story short... I made it home and the swelling went down, I hobbled to dinner later... Drove to play simulation golf the next day, went to brunch... And had no pain... Later that afternoon my ankle swole up much larger than before.  So I drove myself to urgent care... Lol

While there, I had X-rays and was told I fractured my fibula and was not going to be allowed to drive home.  I managed to get someone to drive me and the car home, made it to my orthopedist the next day... And now am booted and crutched up..

I have a golf trip to Puerto Rico planned for this weekend that I can't cancel... So I shall be laying in the sun at the resort working on some hand projects lol...

Went out to the NYFA gala on Tuesday with Victoria and Michael, I was not missing this event... Smiles

And will make use of wheel chair service at the airport.. Woo hoo...

Until then, I'm taking it easy...

Eating extra healthy, taking some "knit bone" and found my way to the sewing machine this evening... So I am finally back to some stitching...maybe I will get some projects done.

Everything happens for a reason....good grief lol

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