December 31, 2013

Running into 2014

Well another year has passed.... Filled with cocktails and thread.... It was indeed an awesome year for quilts and creativity....

I wish everyone love and continued stitching blessings as we move into a new year filled with even more creative thoughts and ideas and the desire to find more time to complete them all.

I will be running in the NYE Midnight Run in Central Park this year.. I'm excited and have been making tutus... Here are aome pics... Enjoy and see ya next year... Smiles

My tshirt that will go over my clothes.

My running number....

The start of Honey B's tutu... Mine will be purple of course... 

Bling has been added...

The front of her tutu.

And the back fluffed up...


  1. LOVE YOUR TUTU! Have a fantabulous run! Wish we had a midnight run here! Hhhhmmm...maybe I'll suggest it to our local running store.

  2. Love it! I ran the midnight run here in Brooklyn. Happy New Year and best wishes for lots of beautiful inspired quilting in 2014!

  3. I need a tutu! Make mine Silver (to match my hair)