January 10, 2014

Working through the Block

Okay so since the year began, I have not been inspired to do much of anything quilty.  I was stitching some postage stamps occasionally telling myself that I had to do something.  But still nothing moved me.  I had three blocks that had to be done.  Two bee blocks and one create a block.

So I went back and forth, procrastinating, and still nothing.  So I said well one is due next week... So start working on the block.  I had already created the dimensions etc., I just had to make it up.. So here it is, easy peasy was required. 

It has to be appliqués the rest if the way done... And I have not decided the orientation as yet.  Lol

Then I did Chrissie's Bee block because it was a no brainer.. She is great with providing instructions etc.

And then there was Rossanna's block.  She provided each of is a different word. Of course mine was long... Lol and it was Adventure... So I felt compelled to make a really cool block because she does such great work for Everyone else.  Smiles.  So I had to think, what do I see as adventure that would look good on a block with other words etc.

So I thought of a mountain/rock climber.  Especially since I was trekking in the Pre-Andes mountains in Argentina last October and repelled down the face of a cliff... That was awesome... So here is what I did.

I hope she likes it...

Finally the juices are flowing again.  I was getting a bit worried. Lol

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  1. Love it when your juices flow....Very cute climber!!