November 1, 2013

Quilt Racing

Okay.. So how many of you procrastinate?  Be honest, lmao.  How many of you say, oh I will gift something I have already made, only to be creatively inspired to make something for the person... Well, welcome to "quilt racing".

This will be my new term for those last minute projects that must be done in less than three days, when you have to work and go about your normal life as well.

My cousins son's college quilt was one of those quilt racing times.. And alas "a NY experience" is another such project.

I decided on Wednesday afternoon to buy fabric for, design and make a quilt that needed to be done by this morning... All while working, attending an event and still waking up for bootcamp at 5:00am.  Yeah what was I smoking..

Anyway here is the project... I saw a quilt and was inspired to use the layout to do my favorite courthouse square/log cabin blocks..however, little did I realize, how many mistakes I would make in the layout and putting together of the top.

Alas, I prevailed and for the first time ever did not change the design everytime I made a mistake.  I ripped and ripped and ripped until it was what I sketched out.
Yes, I did not wing the mistakes and followed my original sketched and measured design.. Lol

And eh.. It's not so bad... With the early morning cereal park inspiration for the floral design in variegated thread..

I will post another pic after it is dried... Smiles


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