June 2, 2013

Love my metro mod guild peeps

So yesterday was the last meeting of the year.  We meet every other month and I missed the April meeting (I have a standing yearly conflict.). Anyway, I as well as our fearless president are rolling off the board.  So of course I was part of the gift planning for Victoria... Include lovely V blocks in her favorite orange hue...

See mine below..

Anyway, we also rigged a faux silent auction for one of our group quilts that he really, really wanted.  We drove up the price amazingly high and she was insistent upon winning, only to find out it was going to be hers all along.  Heheh (insert sinister laugh here.)

Anyway... I was in for my own surprise.. I was included in the block making... And was gifted with all of these beautiful "E"s with more to come.

I looooveee them.  Of course sap that I am ... I was teary eyes.  My guild rocks... Thanks everyone.


  1. It was a wonderful meeting and so were you! That faux auction was great fun...

  2. That was so much fun! Hehehe. I loved her face when she knew that quilt was hers . . . for free! oxox