June 19, 2013

Dutch Rose Glutton

So.. In my previous post I noted how ridiculously challenging the Scrappy nickel Dutch rose block was for me.  Why?  Because somehow I always screw up the order of stitching, add the wrong square somewhere and end up having to take apart at least half the block more than 3 times..

So why would I go and make one of my own... And not because I have to for a bee block.  Because I am smoking fabric crack... That's why.

So Sunday night I found myself in my long forgotten charm box stash (not to be confused with the charm box drawer.). Breaking up packs to work for this block in a freaky pattern and color combo.  

I figured if nothing else, practice makes perfect and a charity quilt is always an option...well I must say the first combo is not so bad.  Granted I see my mistakes, where things done line up.  I had to take apart half of the block, made mistakes.. But that's what this all about right??  True indeed..

So press on I shall say.. And here is the first of the whacky whimsical scrappy nickel Dutch rose blocks...

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