June 9, 2013

A Stitching Good Weekend

Good eve..

So in Friday i get an email from a dear friend with a link to Beautejadore's blog, showing me a dress that she made in 2 hours from a simple dress pattern and some tweaks.. (I will come back and add the link from my computer). Anyway never the less, Nikki's items were awesome.  Loved her style, fabric choice, everything. So nevertheless, I was like a kid in a candy store. She also posted about making a maxi dress in an hour... And it was all called DIY ...

Then I remembered all of the fabric I owned to do just that.. DIY dress, skirts etc.  so I rushed to pick up two patterns she used as a base and also bought some fabric to make some maxi dresses without a pattern.

Came he Friday eve, saw a bag that had some fabric I bought for a similar purpose... Yes fabric and more fabric.  So I began draping and pinning.  Then cut and stitched and I ended up with this lovely item within the hour.

I went on about my night.  Had a great eve, and night out.  By Saturday afternoon I decided to work with the other fabric I had.  Began the drape and pin and ended up with this.

Then I realized I was bee lazy and broke out my dress form... And then ended up here.

Them I took a break and by today decides to do something with the left over fabric and ended up with this lovely tee.  I cut the shape from existing top and them fudged the rest.  Lol

And that was a small part if my weekend.. East breezy...

That and I started my ClEAN program today ... Yummy shakes and clean meal for lunch..
Cinnamon roll in a glass

Seared tuna salad for lunch and

A yummy coconut chai shake for dinner..
And now time for bed...

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