August 14, 2012

Solid as a Rock...

Hello quilt world. This past weekend was a whirlwind, quilt making weekend. I finished 2 quilts In about 12 hours total. They are each about 45 x 45 inches. So I guess you can say it was one 90 x 90 quilt.

They are both for people in my life that are in need of "Quilty Love". I delivered the one entitled "Solid" and still have to deliver the one entitled "Powerfully Pink".
The solid quilt was a great way for me to work through some feelings, and at the end of the quilting and gifting. I must say that love truly is, solid as a rock. No matter how angry, disappointed, frustrated you may be at someone... I you love them solidly, nothing can change that.

Here they are...

"Solid" August 12, 2012 for LWS

"Solid" Close up

The back of Solid

"Powerfully Pink" August 12, 2012 for LP

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