August 7, 2012

215 to go, oh my baby Jane

Okay so I have 10 completed. I guess I haven't really worked on that many since i began. I just did five over the past two days. I figure if I can manage 2-3 a day minimum, and then perhaps with more than an hour and a half... I can complete more. I have been machine stitching. I thought It would be faster. It still takes prep work.

First you have to trace the block then cut it out of freezer paper. Then iron it onto fabric. Then outline the shapes. Then cut the shapes, pin and finally sew the various parts. I suppose as I progress I will learn to appreciate it even more.

I can say it is teaching me patience, and the importance of straight stitches and lining up my seams. It is even teaching me the need for precision. So it is definitely a fruitful endeavor that will prove to sharpen my skills.. I mean make me take the time to cut and piece properly. lol

Let's see when I have 100 done. I publicly promise to complete all 225 blocks. And so the journey continues.


  1. Wow, good luck with the Dear Jane adventure! I hope to tackle this project one day, when I have plenty of time and scraps to play with.

    Maybe plan on completing 10-15 blocks a month? It would only take about 12-20 months this way!

  2. Great start! It took me two years to make about 120! But I'm easily distracted. Haha.