August 2, 2012

A much needed RETREAT...quilty style

Well, it was an amazing 9 days. Funny how things work, I decided to change my vacation plans to help out a dear friend by dog sitting for them. As a result I ended up with a retreat that rivaled no other. While away i am usually scheduled with events and activities, just like at home. But funny how God works.

God wanted me to be in my own space, in my mind and in my creative zone. So although I made it out a bit and some some friends, I spent the majority of the time by myself, stitching, swimming, and relaxing away.

Thanks Queen Bumblebeans and family.

Here is a pictorial montage of my retreat.

Red Headed Mermaid July Queen Bee Block

Yummy Vittles

Another One Completed  "Back to Basics" July 2012

"I Do" is I done...took a class a couple of years ago and finished quilting July 2012

Fabric and the Beasts..I guess this is their usual bed...smiles

Making use of a design WALL.

Urban girl Does a bit of weeding in the garden

Ahhh a doggies Life...

Deciding how much quilty stuff to bring

Quinoa Pizza..the crust is from soaked quinoa, blended with water seasonings and olive and poured into the cast iron pan and baked.

"Winter" quilt complete.  Began August 2011, finished July 2012

Out and about

Contemplating, what shall we do now..
The beginnings of another quilt

Still thinking about what to do with this.
Yes, I occasionally eat fried food.
working it out in the studio..
Completed top for a gift
Yes, this is how cucumbers are born...smiles
My days harvest from the Garden
Local Black Sea Bass, stuffed with garlic and onions pan seared and baked...yummy.  
An excuse to stay in and keep sewing..

A swimming kind of day

Quilt top complete...on to the backing and basting.

Took a trip for some backing

Fast asleep
My Vintage Ebay find, finally completed

At the end of the retreat...time to read a quilty novel..


  1. Oh my! You accomplished quite a bit of quilty loveliness I would say. What a wonderful retreat indeed!

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Great trip (and great EBay find)!

  3. Can't believe how much you've achieved, amazing and it all looks great :)