June 17, 2011

Yummy Goodies

Okay, I must admit, I have been on a fabric acquiring spree...It is nothing so wonderful than to go into a store armed with a lovely discount and buy fabric.  Everyday its a new item, a new choice...it is wonderful...

But it is not just going into the store...I have also spent a few days a week online...and look at what I got..

I just could not resist...it was so Ayn Rand...smiles the colors is not that great in these two pics...but hey. you get the gist..

Random selection along with my Atlas Shrugged thought process...

 And above thanks Canton Village Quilt Works...Jackie...lovely and oh so speedy.

 And then I decided to go get a mystery from Keepsake...and see the above retro looking lovelies.

And, he who wouldn't want a diamond in the rough...I can't wait to see what I will do with these lovely solids...and yes there is more on the way...and some more that I have not shown...Yikes...I am going to have oh sooo much fun..

AND LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, NOT LEAST...the June Bee for NYC Metro Mod Bee.  Kimberly's choices...

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