June 6, 2011

Ahhhhh Berries and Water...

I am working on a quilt for a lovely couple that have recently tied the knot.  I have had so many ideas, and ended up with something simple and meaningful.

To this end, I wanted to include two words that are near and dear to their hearts...and I had them give them to me in their family (native) language....No the words don't say berries and water...smiles... its Embrace and Love.

This concept came from "The little collection's" quilt that I saw during a guild meeting, so I chose to do the cursive in the outline format...smiles.. Thanks A...  Yhe twigs and berries are all free hand without any sketching. 


  1. E! That looks fabulous! Did you mark the lettering first? Or just go for it? You certainly have been practicing, very impressed.

  2. The words I printed on 11x17 and cut out. everything else was freehand without sketching it first. It was a bit nerve racking. Then a glass of wine..and breathing. My hands created the berries and vine thing..I will post the finished piece. The remainder of the quilting was all adhoc/free motion....smiles.