March 20, 2011

The gift

What a wonderful Sunday.  I have finished quilting the gift.  I will be dropping it off in the next two days .... and am ensured that it shall reach its intended recipient this upcoming weekend. 

Process talk....well I wanted a stippling effect, but not the meandering, so I did a pebble type all over design.  This was my first attempt at feathering...smiles...I have learned a few things about the machine quilting process as well.  For starters, my machine is very hearty but also delicated.  Yeah, I know sounds strange.  She collects the dust from the thread and the batting very fast, which then requires a bobbin casing and feed dog cleaning at every bobbin change.  I guess this is a good thing, as it ensures a clean working machine.  She is indeed a smooth machine.  So far I must say I am very happy with my selection.  We are becoming fast friends.

So here are some pics at the Gift Quilt.  I hope you enjoy.


  1. Hey, nice feathers! Any tips on how to learn how to do those?? I aspire to it, but tried once and got VERY discouraged... nicely done on your part! Glad you're liking the new machine. :-)

  2. Hi Christa...thanks...They say to just practice doodling...A fellow quilter friend, Victoria, actually filled an entire sketch pad with various feathers.

    There was also a recent article in the quilt newsletter that spoke to this technique. Which is what I also did. I just started to sketch the shapes after getting a few pics online. Apparently, your brain has some movement memory.

    So start sketching, and when you get onto the machine...your hands begin to move in that direction.

    More specifically...I started with the spine (long line) and then went up one side and then down the other...smiles...Hope this helps..

  3. P.S. BTW...I was EXTREMELY INTIMIDATED...but i just got on it and did it...i will do a post for you..with pics of my sketches and some details as to how i got over my fear...stay tuned. E

  4. Look at you go girl! You are on your seeing you dive in. :)