March 28, 2011

Ahhhh Provence....

I had the lovely pleasure of helping to set up for the Empire Guilds Urban Inspirations 2011 Quilt Show.  I must say, I had soooo much fun.  I was hanging out with the lady from "The Little Collection" (who won a ribbon at the show..yippeee).  We were putting up poles and curtains, then hanging quilts for the show... It was great.

While there, the vendors were also coming in to set up.  Within the first hour that I was there, I literally ran into a guy pushing a cart loaded with fabric.  As I looked I saw the lovely Sunflowers and tell tale Blue and Yellow cloth, and said "Is that from Provence", to which he answered yes the fabric was.   They were from French Connection in North Carolina. And then my drooling began. For much of the morning, I continued to run into him at every turn.  Finally, I said, I am going to have to purchase your fabric TODAY.....

And so, the Little Collection and I went about and ended up purchasing some lovely provencial fabric...and this is what I did with my purchase that Friday night..

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