October 9, 2012

Love love eBay

Hello blog land.
I enjoy trolling ebay for old finds. During this jaunt I found some cool star blocks. I enjoy old Fabrics and am on a quest to learn how to date fabrics and quilts. Armed with some informational books and reference materials from the textile industry, I am enjoying my self created lessons.

So, this is how I have decided to go about the educational process. I read up on different fabric types and styles. I then search around eBay, periodically, to see if anything fits my current search criteria. I have a preset price that I am willing to pay base on a variety of factors. Of course there is always the possibility that it is not what it is purported to be which is why I have a set cost in mind. I.e. never more than $2-$3 per block in large groups. I figured that it would be a reasonable cost No matter what age the block is. I also look to ensure that there is not an abundance of the fabric represented in the lot an also that there aren't multiple listings of similar things.

I have also learned that estate sale does not guarantee age... See maximum for block price above. Smiles. And the older re blocks are purported to be, the more scrappy they should be if they are large amounts. They should evidence the scarcity of fabric, because everyone did not have the means to buy bolts of fabric. So I look for a variety of fabrics used, like shirting, feed sack etc in a series.

I have also taken to looking for kitchen sink type quilt tops because they show a wide range of fabrics. You can also see how they age.

So here are some recent finds.

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