October 16, 2012

Dear Jane...am I close to done....

NOT. Ha Judy asked me if all I had was the blocks you will see below. Only 201 to go. lmao

You see, Monday was my second class of the second session (yes beginning of my second round of Dear Jane) and this is what I have.

It is important to note that 6 were completed last week and another three in class on Monday. I would say perhaps in a year. Depends on how many holiday gifts I make. Lol

But I am truly enjoying myself.


  1. I took that class for at least two years and only made 120 I think. Did the blocks quilt as you go, just have to do the borders and binding, but its been two years since I got that far!, keep going!

  2. Good luck E, you've made a great start - Dear Jane's such a mammoth project :)