April 16, 2012

A Friday Drive...

I love when you take a day off, and it turns out to be so fantastic.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, hands were sewing, and we went on a quick road trip to the "Brownstone Quilters Guild" in Paramus.

If you pop over to Helen No Blog, you will find a cool pick of the colors in my "hood".

It was a day filled with quilts, Victoria and her wear and sew, sew and wear, wear do you sew .... Bobby Burger Palace (Bobby Flay's burger joint) and later that evening Luke's gallery opening.


Brownstone Guild Member's Amazing Find

Close Up - Crazy Quilt

Helen decided to use the scraps as future inspriration.

Gwen Marston Applique Close Up
Bobby Flay's Burger with a yummy Milk Shake

Luke Haynes _ Eli Alexander Art Gallery Showing through May 2012

Luke Haynes Exhibit at Eli Alexander Art Gallery

Luke Haynes Exhibit at Eli Alexander Art Gallery

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  1. What a fantastic day! Gotta get out more often....