April 23, 2012

Brooklyn Brooklyn, Always Funky Fresh...

Ha, for anyone around in the 80s and a hip hop lover will remember the title.  Yes, I am raised Brooklyn and still lovingly claim it.  

My friend Karla (Rochester, NY) was in town for our usual Spring Bar Association event.  She is also a quilter, and it was nice to have some events going on this weekend.  So it was a treat to head on out to Bay 44 near the water and see what the Brooklyn Guild was up to.  

This weekend was their show.  I took  a few pics to follow.  I must say it was very interesting and eclectic in its make up.  I ran in to lots of quilty folks that I know from Empire and NYC Metro Mod.  It was an added treat for me.  I also saw some vendors that I knew and was able to participate in raffle type events.  Overall it was a wonderful Saturday.

Then..... Empire Guild had their Charity Sew In at City Quilter from 5-9pm.  So of course I was there.  I must say it was a lovely day had by all. 

I even finished free motion quilting a piece in 35 minutes...Woo hoo, I had CQ's machines whirring away.  Enjoy the pics.  If you want more information on the quilter, etc. go on over to the Brooklyn Guild's site.  I am being lazy...smiles and enjoy.


  1. Love these pix. You are really going to town in machine quilting! Am very envious....

  2. The photos are lovely! Thanks for getting me started.
    - Mfitzcharles