June 14, 2015

Getting the juices flowing again...

So it's been about a few weeks since I had to send my quilts for the animals we love contest sponsored by the Quilt Alliance.  Since then I have been in a remove, renew and refresh mode in my home.

Something just hit and I ended up with some major changes in my home.  It all began with the repairs to my kitchen and bath from the snow leak.  And then next thing I knew, I was replacing and refreshing.  It was much needed.  Twelve years in the making.

So as a result, I have not spent much time in my studio.  So I am now playing catchup... So here is what I have been working on.

I had to get started on my sizzix challenge quilt.  This challenge uses all of Victoria Findlay Wolfe's sizzix templates.  I chose the big DWR... And after drafting and trying out some ideas... I have just completed the top.

In addition to this.  I have been working on my NYSSQ blocks and added one.  I also found a number of others that I will ale to add to this quilt.  The ideas are percolating.

Above are blocks that were given to me.

I have also been working on my E quilt... And had to get some more blocks.. Thanks Helen and Deborah...Spin have to add a row or two

I also had to finish and send off my quilt for the New York Bar Foundations raffle basket.  I am a board member and we have 13 baskets for our fundraiser in Cooperstown as well as a ton of items in overflow.  We are excited about this endeavor.

Here is what I made to include.  It's called Rose Colored Glasses

So off I go... Happy Quilting.


  1. Lovely to see what you've been up to, all so exciting and different, I don't know how you find the time!

  2. Loving all your work! Especially the Sizzix and the E's!